Only a week to the start of the IX EURIPA Rural Health Forum!!  On the first afternoon, Thursday 7th November, we will hear  Stefan Lippmann, from Germany, talk about an interesting subject:

Which topics should be taught in a rural curriculum for medical students

He will be followed by Markus Herrmann (also from Germany) speaking about strategies to foster medical care in rural areas, from the results of a systematic review.

This can  be linked  to the EURIPA IAB workshop on Saturday morning when we will discuss  ideas in rural recruitment and motivating factors for young GPs to work in rural areas, from the work done by the Working Group on Rural Practice of the Czech GP Society, led by Kateřina Javorská and David Halata.

What teaching, how to promote rural care, how to recruit and retain rural GPs - you will have some answers to these 3 important topics, if you attend, of course!

Looking forward to seeing you in Ponta Delgada on 7th November!


Published on 30 October 2019.