EURIPA is participating in a Social Prescribing Webinar on 10th June 2020 at 6pm CEST

What is social prescribing? How is it related to lifestyle medicine? How is it used in various healthcare systems across Europe? What are the perspectives of implementing it in Poland? Can it be a remedy to chronic health problems?

Join a webinar hosted by Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine brought in collaboration with EURIPA (European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association) and in partnership with the Polish Society of Young Family Doctors (Młodzi Lekarze Rodzinni), British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and European Lifestyle Medicine Council to discuss social prescribing with SP experts from UK, Catalonia, Italy and Poland.

The Webinar takes place on June 10, at 6 PM CEST, on Zoom.


  • Part 1: Introduction to social prescribing (Jo Robins)
  • Part 2: International perspective - social prescribing implementation & good practices from around the world (Prof. Joyce Kenkre, Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, Dr. Josep Vidal-Alaball)
  • Part 3: Social prescribing in Poland: perspectives, opportunities and challenges – discussion facilitated by Prof. Donata Kurpas, joined by Speakers and panelists: Dr. Rob Lawson, Dr. Dominik Lewandowski and Dr. Daniel Śliż

The webinar will last for about 2 hours.


Published on 29 May 2020.